21 days into the world of Huel

And I love it!
At first, I was sceptical, and just wanted to control my calorie intake to lose those pesky last 5 pounds, after losing over 3 stone from my ‘Lockdown pregnancy’.
Not only have I lost the weight, but also made me fall for Huel… I’m being a bit effusive.
I love it that I don’t have to wash up and I’m also saving time and money on food.
I have already received a bulk order for the Black Edition and H&S (TGC the best!).
Let’s see how this continues


:heart_eyes: you can be as effusive as you like! Thank you so much for taking the time to share this, we love reading messages like this. It’s great that Huel is making it’s way into a regular part of your diet after having lost those last 5. Keep us posted and also check out some of the other posts here, great to have you in the community! :blush: