3 scoop

help please i am using 1 x 3scoop meal a day at the moment what % of the rda on the hull packaging does this represent is it 1/3 as not using hull for all 3 meals yet



One ‘packed’ scoop (i.e. If you compress the powder into the scoop then level it off) is approximately 40g. So 3 x 40g = 120g
100g is 400 calories, 120g is 480 calories.
This is very approximate though. If you want to know for sure, I would get some scales and weigh it, as one scoop can weigh anything between 20-50g really.

Edit: Just realised you were asking for % of the daily RDA percentages.
It is roughly 1/4 of the full amounts shown (for 2000 calories per day) as 480calories is 0.24 of 2000cal

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thanks for the info

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