£38 per box for the new RTD flavours?

This is extortionate. At least Dick Turpin wore a mask.

£3.16 each for 400kcal of nutritionally complete healthy food with no time spent buying ingredients, no time spent preparing a meal and no cleaning or washing up to do. Delivered to your door. I don’t think it’s expensive, but it is the price you pay for “convenience” aka being lazy.

You can buy a few reusable containers for £1 each from Asda, put in your preferred amount of powder and when you want your Huel fill the shaker with tap water and pour in the powder. Costs about £1.10 a meal this way, just requires a tiny bit of effort.


He knew what the future held. Loads of people copied him.


Lol nicely played sir

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This will teach me for not looking at the price until I checked my account :cold_sweat:

(laughs in Swedish) For me, it’s the equivalent of £55 with a subscription before the price increase.

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