3rd day on huel powder[Weight loss goal]

180 cm, 95 kg currently
Goal - 78
I’m on a 3rd day using huel only(i’m planning to incorporate one normal cooked meal a day) and i had to say i’m quite satisfied. I have WAY less farts and they dont stink like they used to ? Its weird comparing to the statements of other huel users. I’ve cold turkey quited drinking sweet drinks like cola, fanta and crunching on chocolate bars which was my main fuel between mornings and 5pm
I really like the taste of banana and overall texture is most pleasant.
Good luck to you all


Welcome aboard! Good luck with your weight loss journey, I’ve found it so easy to watch my intake since switching to huel, and the sweetness of them definitely helps curb those sugar cravings.
I’ve just started trying to diet, and am roughly the same starting and goal weight as you, trying to make huel for breakfast, hot&savoury for lunch, and something light and filling for tea when I’ve got more time to actually prep food.
Banana is a great flavour, and the chocolate is ace too!

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Good choice with Banana flavour. Can’t go wrong with that one :ok_hand:t2: :banana:

This morning I made a smoothie using 100g Huel + 1 frozen orange (segmented) + 1/2 tbsp cacao + 250ml Hemp milk + 100g Koko coconut yoghurt + 1 double espresso. Bangin’

I find adding frozen fruit to Huel makes the smoothies so much better!

Welcome to the team! Banana is a great choice. As we say with anyone looking to lose weight with Huel, make sure you work out how many calories you require. It’s really easy to accidentally put yourself into a massive calorie deficit if you just have 3 Huels a day. I wrote some tips here and I think they would be useful for you to read too!

If you have any questions then please let us know!

I’ve decided to take 1200 kcal daily from huel and after work get myself a homemade cooked dinner. It gets me about 1800-2000 kcal daily which so far is enough.
What i’ve found if I take 600kcal in one Huel meal in the morning it provides me for about 8 hours easily probably due to fiber and eliminates cravings for sweet.
I’m thinking about including IF 16:8 to help lower down my sugar levels since i’m constantly on higer levels(not clinically diabetic, but probably some kind of resistance to insulin). I’ve read that its quite common in people with my type of “obesity” which is round big belly, thin legs and arms.
In a few days or so if i see any sings of symptoms of too few calories i will report here and add another 200kcal.

7 days has already gone. I’m mixing days with only 100% huel or 1200 kcal from huel and only one home cooked meal. I’ve included IF 16:8 or 18:6 depend on how busy day is and suprise suprise my sugar levels finally went down to normal range. I’m currently waiting for my weighing scale to be delivered and i will be posting weight loss results.


Another day has passed. I seem to feel overall good on 1800-2000kcal daily.
My weight today 91.3kg. I will treat this first weekend like it probably gave me 1-2 kg weight loss because my weight from first post was from few months ago because i havent had a weight scale week ago, so i will treat like todays weight is my entry weight. We will see progress after next 6 days.
So far keeping IF 18:6 seems quite easy and i feel energized for the most time.

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Todays weight 90,3 kg, doing good

Weight at 88,3 kg melting away

Nice one mate! 7kg in 14 days!!! Good to hear that you’re finding a balance between Huel and cooking/eating food.

Keep it up buddy and stay on top of striking the balance as you want to attain a sustainable balance between Huel and food.

As you get towards your goal weight of 78kg, it may be a good idea to begin incorporating days where you have just 1 Huel + 2 food meals? I say this as whilst having 2 meals of Huel a day works for some for the long-term, it may not work for others so it’s something to consider if you’ve not already :grin:

This way no matter how much Huel you consume, you can begin to work on a sustainable lifestyle where you can maintain a weight that’s healthy for you. Whether that’s days on no Huel, 1-2 huels or 100% Huel :seedling: :raised_hands: