40,000 bars going to Ukraine

Someone in the know put a call out for Ukraine and protein.

Having spoken to a fair few relief efforts one of the things they’re desperately asking for is protein; powders, bars etc.

Turns out Huel are already ahead, colour me impressed, hope it wasn’t the Peanut Butter bars though lol.


This is great news. Was wondering about this exact thing over the last week. What a fantastic food source Huel would be for people in crisis.
Big respect.


Excellent, I was wondering about this. Such a great company. I am glad to support it while being a Hueligan.


This was great to see on LinkedIn and companies stepping up to help.

Individuals wanting to help out with the humanitarian effort can also donate on the IFRC and Médecins Sans Frontières donation pages – as both organisations are also currently operating within Ukraine.


Thanks for sharing @Tristan. Loads of brands and people doing their bit for this cause which is inspiring to see.

I’m not sure if there were enough peanut butter bars left after I ate most of them. (this is a joke i obviously haven’t eaten our donations)

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