Huel, will you help me out please?

I know this probably sounds a bit “spammy” but if you can all (@Julian and @Charlotte_Huel) bear with me for 2 minutes I’d be very grateful.

I’m a new customer to Huel, and I’m actually really enjoying it (I’m a fussy eater so surprising). Osteoarthritis in my spine, and intolerance to cows milk, plus having a bit of excess “volume” around my middle has spurred me to do something. Huel seems to be the answer so far.

Enough guff, I’ll cut to the chase. I am part of a charity mission. We are planning to take 30-40 Ambulances and some Fire Engines (plus lifesaving and medical equipment) by road from the UK, through France, Spain, and NW Africa to The Gambia for The Gambian Emergency Services. We are all serving or former Police, Ambulance or Fire and Rescue workers. There will be about 120 volunteers on the trip in total. We are looking for help and support, and now I’ve been using Huel, I thought it would be a really good product to take on our trip for food.

Would someone be able to speak to me about the possibility of helping us out. Obviously you’ll get recognition (livery on vehicles, photos, etc.) for your help and you can promote it yourselves too on your site etc.


Darren I’ve dropped you a message. Let’s see what we can do!