400kcal = 1 meal?

When looking at the meals others have, I noticed that is is mostly below 400kcal. Most instant meals contain less than 400kcal per serving size. Even people who have only two meals a day often have no more than around 200kcal per meal.
That’s why I am wondering how this usual 400kcal per meal concept for almost all complete foods came into existence.
Many people seem to use them for weight loss, but from this perspective this would be a bad strategy.

Human people, or are you talking about hamsters?


You’re right, what kind a fat btch is eating more than 400 calories a week?

This forum is in free fall.


So with the average adult needing 2000kcal per day you’re advocating consuming that as ten meals?


Mental garbage innit.


I think it’s time you left the house mate.

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My father has no more than 200kcal in one meal, and only two meals a day. He gets lots of calories from his alcohol, though.But he is not the only one. Having just a light soup as a meal is not as uncommon as you suggest.

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Are you recommending people get their calories from booze. I think you are on to something for once.

I’m gonna write the “8 pint diet book” Maintain your weight with a boiled egg and 8 pints of stout per day. Or a Greek salad and 8 pints of Stella.

If it takes off the sequel may be the “3 bottles of Merlot daily diet”.

Just given my mate Dr Mike Moseley a call to see if he wants a TV show out of it.

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I tried to convince him to try out Huel, at least the instant meals (he would never have a shake), but he refused. When I was at a supermarket recently, I looked at some labels, just out of curiosity what “normal” people usually eat, and most instant meals were between 100-250kcal per serving size. At hospitals you can also see how many calories the “meals” contain, and this if often below 400kcal.

So I really worried whether you are at risk of consuming to many calories per day if you have complete foods. After all, if you compare their labels to weight gainer powders they aren’t that different.

[quote=“mbs, post:9, topic:25071”] just out of curiosity what “normal” people usually eat, and most instant meals were between 100-250kcal per serving size.

What??? That is just not true, at least not here in the uk. Even low calorie and healthylabelled instant meals are 4-500 and 350 cals would be a really low calorie ready meal. And most of them are low nutritional value, too high in salt, sugar, fat and not satiating

There is also a lot of evidence that these products contain more calories than stated on the packets.

Right. I’ve just done some research for you @mbs. I went to my local Morrisons supermarket and examined over 30 ready meals in the chilled section which were meant to be either oven or microwave cooked. There were a variety of meat based, vegetarian and vegan options Chinese. Traditional English, Italian pasta and Indian curried dishes were amongst as well as a kebab wrap thing. The lowest calories one I found (for one person) was 369 calories and it wasn’t even advertised as a low calorie option and was a shepherds pie. (minced lamb and mashed potatoes). It didn’t have any accompanying veg though. But who needs veg?

All of the meals were clearly labelled as one portion apart from one which was the kebab wrap thing and that was for 2 people and was 875 calories (and needed extra cucumber for the recipe - admittedly that would have been negligible).

There was nothing around 200 calories. Maybe it’s different in Germany but perhaps you could check and let us all know.

Just picturing you scrabbling through all the ready meals. “Grrr I’ll show that bugger”. Staff asking you to stop messing everything up “NO I’VE GOT A POINT TO PROVE ON THE INTERNET”.

Standing in the middle of the aisle with your top off “THE LOWEST IS 369 CALORIES! THE LOWEST!


Maybe people who have these types of “meals” consume a lot of other stuff as snacks - perhaps they take that into account. There are people who live on snacks only; and of course the people that I know are not a representative group.

But it is true that there are a lot of hidden calories. 1 liter of juice contains almost 500kcal.

So it might be possible that many instant foods contain more calories than what is suggested on their labels; especially if people add things to it. And they can always say that it is a “natural product”, and these always vary in their exact nutrient density. And maybe it is no longer that common to have only two meals a day, in times where one can have seductive snacks all the time.

And caloric needs are also different, depending on the activity level and weight/BMI of a person. Some need to lose weight to become healthier. And if someone doesn’t exercise he needs less calories, too.

Do you stick to a regular meal schedule with 2-3 meals a day?

I was only in there to buy some bottles of beer for my new diet book. Dr. Mike Moseley hasn’t endorsed it yet. But I think he’s kicking himself that he didn’t think of it first.

It’s not the first time I’ve had a rant in Morrison’s tho. I do normally keep my top on. Those prison tattoos of mine scare the kids.


I do pretty much, normally a couple of Huel meals morning and lunch and something else for evening meal. Occasionally will have a snack. I’m a sucker for crisps and peanuts so have them occasionally and vegan ice cream is satanic.

With the advent of hot and savoury Huel I do find myself having a hot Huel in the evening. I don’t have h&s for breakfast or lunch.

I often pimp up the h&s tho as otherwise I’d only be consuming about 1500 calories a day (I add 100ml of plant based milk to most of my shakes now.

No he isn’t as my dad was the same. 400kcal of food and a bottle of whisky a day, didn’t do him any harm. Could ask him but he’s dead now. Lived a good life though to the ripe old age of 67.


This is … even a basal metabolism diet (which should be monitored weekly by a health professional) should never go below 1,200 kCal per day. If you are admiring the eating habits of alcoholics, well, that’s just sad. 400 kCal per mean, 3xday is 1,200 kCal. IF that runs you a deficit, you will lose weight. I would be very surprised if it did not run a deficit. Should you need to track foods/kCal/nutrients, I suggest trying cronometer.com It’s free.


OP, what the fq is your point?

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I think we all wonder that.

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I think the point is Huel’s suggested meal size is larger than some meals that exist, therefore if someone swaps those meals for Huel their calorie intake will increase.

Or to simplify even more: if people eat more calories they will eat more calories.

Or to make it even more straightforward: there is no point. We should all just forget we saw it.