7 years Huel has been around!

Calendar just popped up with a reminder that my first purchase was 17 June 2015 :partying_face::tada:

Still enjoying my Huel :pray:

Weight has gone from 95kg to 75kg then back up to 80kg during the Covid years.

Here’s to a happy & healthy future!


Which means you purchased Huel on our very first day, the day we launched, because today is also our 7th birthday/anniversary :birthday:

Colin it is a privilege to have had you part of this community every day we have been around. Thanks for sticking with us. Here’s to the next year and next!


Oops! :flushed:

Maybe the reminder is for your birthday then?

Can’t go back far enough on my bank account to check, am with Monzo but when they renamed from Mondo (the pre-paid card) the transactions didn’t come across. Earliest I can see is May 2018. Think it’s this as I got the Huel recommendation from the Monzo community.



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Ordered on day one? That’s very cool. ‘Founder member, Hueligans’ :medal_sports:

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Missing times when 2 bags were £39

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Nah, read my follow up posts :flushed:

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Oh I see… ah well, I still tip my hat, that’s a good few years and sounds like weight control and health is all good. Cheers!

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Maybe it was the day you abandoned shaving, :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi Colin, i think if you check cakedays at top of page gives you a rough idea of your anniversaries and birthday but dont no how accurate it is. :birthday:


Haha oh no! Well I still maintain what I said, it’s great to have had you hear for so long!

Do you mean give you head?

:grimacing: edited that, thanks!

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Yes @Tim_Huel I’m not deaf (yet!).