800 kcal of Huel Powder + Food?

Hi all,

I’ve tried Huel a few times over the years but had trouble digesting (wind and constipation) it.

However, I have ordered some v3 in case the new formula is more suitable for me.

My plan is to work up to 2 x 100g/400kcal a day (800 kcal in total), then get another 1,000 kcal from food.

The goal is to lose fat and maybe feel a bit more healthier by getting more nutrients from the Huel compared to what I was eating before.

So as I’m only having about a third of my diet from Huel I’m wondering what I should try to eat for the rest of the day to get enough vitamins etc.

Or can I just rely on vitamin pills and not worry too much about the other 1000 kcal I eat?

Any advice on eating around Huel?


You really should be looking at a balanced diet coupled with exercise. As long as you eat good quality food and your calorie intake is in deficit then you will lose weight - simple cardio exercises during the day will increase this loss. 800 a day strikes me as way too little so your original plan to balance the food and Huel intake sounds better - maybe aim for an equal split of 800 of each.

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In terms of fat loss the main aim would be to eat less and exercise more. Of course this is a very reductionist statement. The eating less would be better described as creating a calorie defeict, having balanced meals and eating foods low in saturated fats.

800 calories of Huel should be fine if the remainder is a balanced meal. However you need to consider that 1800 is still quite a low amount of calories. Without knowing your specifics (BIN, current activity etc) it is not easy to comment about this.

So far the best evidence for exercise specific to fat loss suggests regular High Intensity Training combined with fartlek (intervals).

check out this article which includes a shout out to Huel

How to Lose Weight Fast

Yes that was what I was asking re a balanced diet.


Thanks, will check that article.