8lbs lost after first week, the story so far

We have been using Huel about a week. 2 days on 100% Huel. We have Vanilla 1.2 and Mocha and Rhubarb & Custard Pouches. I bought a £30 blender from Argos and I make up 4 lots of 200gm Huel to 1000ml liquid (8 shakes 4 each) every night. This goes in the fridge overnight. I make one plain Vanilla/water, one vanilla/water/rhubarb&custard, one vanilla/water/200gms frozen berries (various different for variety) and the last using vanilla/mocha/soya milk.

I’ve experimented with Alpro in various flavours, Koko and even today innocent coconut juice which is pricey but tasted great (no mocha in that one). I’m loading each variation as a recipe in myfitnesspal so I can track daily calories, and it’s about 2000 give or take.

I’ve lost 8lbs so far (starting weight 19 stone 10) and my wife about 5lbs. Though we don’t expect this to continue at that rate. A couple a week would be great.

It takes me about 35-40 minutes to mix up all the batches each night, my wife won’t attempt it, which sucks as I never did any cooking and now I’m doing all of it, lol.

We started with the breville active blend individual bottles but now we’re 100% the tegal blender easily mixes 2 shakes at once which saves time and better mixing.

I’d like to have more and better flavour pouches, less saccharine taste to the vanilla, the ones made with milks/soya taste much nicer but 410 calories can quickly go to 650 with milk, so now limiting to just one a day like that.

Overall a great success for us, and our 4 week supply arrived today. I’d be interested to know how long on average people keep this up? Looking forward to those new flavours, bacon would be interesting lol. Thanks

Just out of interest how tall are you? I’m also losing weight, about a pound a day, but I was 14 stone when I started and 6ft.

Something that might save a little time is mixing more Huel with less water to make a kind of concentrate.

I do this with daily batches and it’s thick enough so I can half fill a shaker and top it up with water to hit the right consistency.

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@Robdos I’m also 6ft but I’ve been around 18-20 stone for 25 years or so. I fluctuate a lot. I know that once I stop 100% Huel it will go back up, but I’ll keep at it as long as poss.

@Tristan thanks that’s a great idea. How well does it remix when you add the water later? And does it still thicken in the fridge as well when it’s concentrated?

Seems to mix fine, it does kind of set (I guess) in the fridge, but my tap is fairly high pressure so a quick blast to fill the rest of the bottle and a couple of shakes and it’s all good.