A point on flavour

Firstly, I wanted to say the ordering and delivery process was superb; simple, good communication and swift delivery. Couldn’t ask for more.

Only day 2 so far, so haven’t got much to report yet. Just one real negative to feed back on, otherwise all good.

Flavour: Been reading a lot of positive comments about the flavour, so obviously its a matter of personal taste, but I’ve found it a bit unpalatable so far. The main reason being it’s just too sweet. The flavour also has a rather artificial quality much like with artificial sweeteners. Some people don’t seem to mind this but it’s the reason I never go for sugar free varieties. Tried mixing it with coffee this morning and that improved it a lot as it took the edge off the sweetness, but I still wouldn’t say I enjoyed the taste.

I’ve been looking at some other products (Joylent and Queal) this morning, who offer other flavours, but all of them are fruity/sweet flavours. Personally, I don’t think I could stomach sweet meals more than once or twice a day. I was wondering if; a.) You had any plans for other flavour options?, and b.) If there was any scope to include a more savoury flavour (or even a more bitter flavour like coffee)?

I’m going to persist and try some more combinations and feedback any great successes on here.

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Hi @cchallis that you for your balanced feedback.

Taste is very tricky because we all have slightly different opinions on the same flavour. Other customers have said it too sweet too, while others have said it’s just right, and some not sweet enough.

We do have a plan to solve this problem, watch this space! A solution should be available within a month.