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Hi Bloggers

I am new to using Huel in all respects. I had a quick look through some entries by people and it is good that many users are honest enough to be open about their Huel experiences.

I decided to give this product a Go after my son in law has been been using Huel for about 3m. He’s a changed man!!
Looks and feels good and lost weight. He has a sedantry job at home and does little exercise.

I am in my wilting salad leaf days now and very crocked. Hardly able to weight bear because of osteoarthritis. I have a number of debilitating health issues that render me to a challenging life style. I use the Huel version that’s Gluten free, no flavour or sugar. Bland to taste with some healthy additives.

I add all sorts of ingredients not all at once though. Cinnamon is my favourite. A whole banana or any fresh fruits. Veges are good. The list is only limited by imagination. I use 2 scoops at lunchtime. Keeps me going throughout the afternoon. I have lost weight and feel better after 1 month of trying Huel.

BTW. I use a Ninga blender. Plenty of ice with cold tap water. No lumps and perfect consistency every time.

I have no reservations in making a recommendation to anyone who is interested.

Keep Hueling. Mike