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Hi Bloggers

I am new to using Huel in all respects. I had a quick look through some entries by people and it is good that many users are honest enough to be open about their Huel experiences.

I decided to give this product a Go after my son in law has been been using Huel for about 3m. He’s a changed man!!
Looks and feels good and lost weight. He has a sedantry job at home and does little exercise.

I am in my wilting salad leaf days now and very crocked. Hardly able to weight bear because of osteoarthritis. I have a number of debilitating health issues that render me to a challenging life style. I use the Huel version that’s Gluten free, no flavour or sugar. Bland to taste with some healthy additives.

I add all sorts of ingredients not all at once though. Cinnamon is my favourite. A whole banana or any fresh fruits. Veges are good. The list is only limited by imagination. I use 2 scoops at lunchtime. Keeps me going throughout the afternoon. I have lost weight and feel better after 1 month of trying Huel.

BTW. I use a Ninga blender. Plenty of ice with cold tap water. No lumps and perfect consistency every time.

I have no reservations in making a recommendation to anyone who is interested.

Keep Hueling. Mike


Hi. I’m a 54 year old man recently separated from the wife. Well 7 months ago after she left I went on a bit of a downward spiral. After about 3 months of everything in excess and feeling generally awful and with support from family and friends I decided to pull myself together.
I have taken supplements for a long while but didn’t know if I was getting what I needed. Because of working long hours at work and home i was living on ready meals and convenience food so not good.
Started on 1 a day. Got to say I was pleasantly surprised by taste. A little gurgling to start but nothing so bad I’m on the original vanilla.
The second week i started taking 2 a day. Great felt better than I had in years by the end of the week.
Week 3 still on 2 a day cut out ready meals. Having fish, rice, pasta and salad end of third week feeling fantastic more energy sleeping well.
Thought I would treat myself to fish, chips and mushy peas yesterday. YUCK within half an hour felt bloated. Needless to say I’m sticking to the healthy stuff from now on and going upto 3 huel from tomorrow I’ve also lost a lot of fat off my belly. I’m on huel for life.
Thank you huel


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You mustn’t stop treating yourself