About to start out on Huel!

Hi All - so… placed my order yesterday and looking forward to getting my first batch of Huel for the new year!

I expect in common with a lot of people new to Huel I’m hoping to lose some weight. So going to try to stick with it for a full month as an initial trial - baring a few family meals and some essential (business) related meals…

I’ll also be running a bit, and trying to keep healthy that way to.

Wish me luck! I guess I posting here in the hope that me shouting it out, will help me stay honest/true to the plan!!!

All the best & Merry Christmas everyone


Welcome to Huel

Enjoy :smile:

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Good luck, Rob!

If you’re not already, make sure you use something like myfitnesspal to track your caloric intake (Huel is on there)!

When I was losing weight, I found it a very valuable resource because I meticulously tracked every bite that I ate.

Merry Christmas!


I’ve been gaining weight with Huel, but that was my aim so I’m happy.

Only tip I would give is to go by weight rather than scoop when you work out portion sizes, and if you’re going heavy on Huel (more than half your usual food intake) then expect a couple of days of somewhat legendary flatulence - but that passes quickly :wink:

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Welcome aboard the Huel Express! I’ve been on 100% Huel nearly a month now, my weight has stayed roughly the same but my body fat has dropped a couple of per cent. Plus I’m sleeping great and an acne problem I had has cleared up.

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