Access to forum from German website


I subscribed to updates from this forum before the German website was installed, so I already knew about this forum before the new website went up. I just found out today that there is no access from the German website to the English discussion forum. As German users are redirected to the German website every time they open the UK one, they will have no way of knowing about this forum from just the website. There is a German forum ( with only one post in English, and without an answer. This makes it seem like there is no discussion involved around Huel which will probably deter some customers.

Wouldn’t it make sense to just redirect German customers to the English forum, given that most active German Huelers will be using this forum anyway?

Hi there! The German Forum is a really new feature and will take a while to gain traction. We want German customers to have a place where they can converse in their own language, but as you’ve noticed it doesn’t have much content yet! Why don’t you post something awesome? It would be great to get the ball rolling and create such a great community like we have here!

I must say I really hate this aggressive redirecting to the German version. There is much less information than on the English web and when one wants to read a blog post in English, just get redirected to the German main page where there is just no German version of the same article. VERY ANNOYING. Even though my internet browser language is English and not German. I find this absolutely unnecessary as I am sure that most of your customers from the German speaking countries understand English pretty well.

I understand the decision to have a German forum for people who would like to discuss the product in German, but it feels like with the current method the German customers are excluded from all the information on the English forum.

I guess the redirection was implemented to make sure German customers actually order at the German store and not the UK one, which is necessary because of tax issues as far as I understood it. Might it be possible to instead have a notification when clicking the order button on the English website from a German IP, which tells the customers they need to order on the German website due to tax?