Seriously, Huel, fix the U.S. redirect!

It is not possible to access the original UK/EU from a United States location (without a VPN). There is a forced redirect to This is wrong! Today I wanted to advise someone in Botswana, whether Huel shipped there, and I could not do that because I could not get to the FAQ or shipping area.

A simple link to “Huel in Europe” on the U.S. page would be enough. But as it stands you have completely blocked the UK/EU page from an entire continent. Ironically, from the US page under the “More” menu, I can reach – and from the “Mehr” menu on that site, there is a link to “UK site” but it doesn’t work, it just redirects back to

Please, have some trust in the intelligence of your customers! At least give us the option. Take for example – access to in the US gets the Americas version but there is a link on the first page to their “global network” which gives a choice of country site.

Or Toyota: at the bottom of the default U.S. page is a link, “Toyota Worldwide” and from that page, Select region lets you select the part of the world you are interested in.

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I agree, Huel should fix this.

Yup. Totally unacceptable behaviour. So much so it makes me wonder how
competent the site designers are.

Yep, really annoying.

I can’t order because I get directed to the US site.

Huel’s competitors like myprotein and bulkpowders can keep their sites separate, and Huel’s de site works. Why the problem with the US site?

That’s a bit strong, it’s only a geolocate thing to get people to the right store pages with minimum fuss.

Not how I’d do it, but I can see the reasoning behind it.

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Geolocation is all fine and dandy when it works but this one doesn’t. I can’t get to the UK site - only de and us, and I’m not in either of those countries.

I’ve ordered successfully from the UK site a number of times in the past, but I can’t access it at all any more.

I just wanted to update the forum on where we are with this. I appreciate this is not an ideal state of affairs, but it is temporary.

Huel being food we need to aware of shelf life and so launched in the US because the product was warehoused and ready to go.

Unfortunately we do not have the resources of Nikon or Toyota as yet, so designing our switching solution has taken a little bit longer than we’d hoped.

Please be assured that we are working on it!

It’s good to know that you understand it is a problem! For a simple example, in another thread here is the recommendation to visit – but if you try that from the US, you only end up at . That page (and I assume the other informative pages) are blocked by the redirect.

We do have the same page in the USA for anyone that needs it -

If you need a VPN I can recommend tunnel bear you get 500mb with the free account every month & if you send a twitter tweet requesting more data they give you another 1gb free each month.

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