Can stop auto-redirecting to

Yes, I know its because I’m visiting from a German ip. Sadly I don’t actually read enough German to read nutritional info in German. It would be great to be able to stay on for more than 3 seconds, or just have a link to go back after having been redirected.

Does anyone know any easy trick to change my ip for just this website?

This is exaclty what I asked for in this topic that I opened last week and you commented on.

Yeh, I liked your thread then too, but nobody seems to have posted a solution.

In your browser privacy settings use the option that says “Do not allow any site to track my location” (or similar). Also, try clearing your cookies and site preferences in the browser settings/history section, then revisit the main site again and see if that works. There are other more techie ways if you get stuck, but that should work.