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Hello people!!
Apparently in my office we go through a proxy and when using my laptop, if go to I get redirected to the german site. I was trying to buy a new batch but it was just impossible!! Also, if I want to reset my password, if I click on the email link in gmail which redirects to, but in a second redirects again to Luckily, the website is really usable in mobile, so I did everything through my phone (kudos for that!!).

Wouldn’t it be useful for the users to be able to choose which site they want to visit, independently of their ip, location, etc…?

Just a though! :wink:
I love the website, btw! Who’s behind the development?

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Might be stating the obvious, but please don’t purchase anything from a mobile device that does not have antivirus and firewall software on it. It leaves you open to credit card theft.

That’s not very accurate, as long as you have an encrypted connection (and you always do unless you are in some dodgy public wi fi) your credit card details are safely transferred. Not sure what kind of threat are you referring to.


To extend this- your card details themselves are safe even in the dodgiest public wifi connection as long as you have the padlock and can verify that the certificate is for the site you are attempting to access, and the root certification authority is well known. In this example uses Avast.

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My friend had a key logger on their phone. We didn’t find it till after the fact unfortunately.

If you have a keylogger, remove the keylogger! Not sure how a keylogger ends up in a phone this days but it’s definitely not the best use of your phone battery having programs searching for keyloggers all the time.

Also you can get a keylogger in the PC as well, not sure what does Huel have to do with software security, I guess payment in general there’s better forums to get advice if you are worried. But I’d believe in this day an age most of us are used to perform online transactions very frequently.

Keyloggers are not unique to phones, though. They are way more frequent on PCs.

EDIT: Dang, fd8s0 beat me. On the topic of scams, I actually have had my credit card info stolen previously, and they bought about £1000 worth of car insurance. Could never figure out where they got my info (no, I was not phished and I only purchase goods on relatively reputable websites), and it has not happened again.