Huel subscription

I’m loving my first batch of Huel, and would like to sign up for the cheaper subscription option. At first glance this seems great, until I realised that I need to do it via your German website (to get it delivered to my home in Germany).

German companies are evil when it comes to subscriptions, and make it damned near impossible to get out of them and require you to send in a fax or postal mail to remove yourself. But of course they also make you pay for a years extra crap that you don’t want, coz Germany.

Can I expect a “UK like” experience when it comes to Huel subscriptions? Or will you totally screw me over and bill me for a bunch of stuff I never actually asked for?

Related to this, it seems very odd that you require people in Germany to use a German language version of your site, when you already have the English one sitting here. A language toggle would make more sense, so that Germans in other countries can use the German website and English speakers in Germany can use the English language version of your site.

I even needed two logins, which was quite confusing. I initially thought my registration had failed because it stopped working when I came back (but it was of course the other language site I’d signed up for previously).

It is more cost effective to create a different site for every country on the planet… said some bright spark.

Hi Ryan,

Thanks for getting in touch, for loving Huel, and for being so active on the forum.

To your first point: I can assure you that it is just as easy to handle the subscriptions on the German site as it is on our UK site. If you need help with navigating through your German account, just let us know.

To your second point: When we started increasing our marketing efforts in Germany, it was reasonable if not necessary to come up with a website entirely dedicated to the German market. You are correct, it would generally be desirable to offer the German website in German as well as in English language, but with the systems that we are using it would be extremely difficult if not impossible to implement that. Thus, non-German speakers in Germany will for now have to use the “workaround”, i.e. get informed on our UK site and then navigate through the German order process - if necessary, with our or with Google Translate’s help.

We are sorry that you had to set up a new account on the German website. Again, unfortunately, we were not quite as flexible as we wanted to be when setting up the German customer backend.

I hope these infos help a bit.

Best regards,


r00sp00ky, I took a look just now and it seems they’re using Shopify. Perhaps there’s some limitations in their platform which prevents proper multilingual functionality being added.

Thanks for the response Stefan. My next batch of Huel will be on subscription then :slight_smile: