Account in new region

I used to login to United Kingdom. Now there is an option to choose Sweden. But my account doesn’t exist there. And now when I just created a new account there, it’s not linked to my UK account. No order history.

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same here, used UK, now I see EU…
Could you please announce the solution here and by email?


@Tim_Huel – Any improvement since March? I just manually went to as I do and started to placed an extra order. When I logged in with my email and password the login was successful, but I did not notice that it had magically redirected me to huel EU at some point. So I placed a new recurring order for Huel bars and was surpirsed that my address wasn’t selectable. I though OK no worries, new subscriptions are probably handled differently from my normal extra one time purchases. Well I was wrong and now it seems that I have two separate accounts, one for UK and one for EU and I have a subsciption for both. This is ridiculous.

Why oh why oh why are accounts so difficult for huel? Creating an SSO or a single localized account is not impossible and kind of should be a basic requirement. And in any case, I absolutely should not have been able to login to EU using my UK credentials if the account isn’t the same. My “main” account is on UK because IIRC when I started hueling unly UK and US were selectable or something like that.

Yeah it costs money to make tech stuff work, I build web apps for a living, but still this gives a really, really bad and unproffessional image.

I complained about the forum/website divide in January and I still think that should be under SSO as well. From a technical standpoint it can be, even if it is hosted at Discourse - and the damn facebook login still doesn’t work either.

This is a huge process that doesn’t just take a few months, I’m really sorry about that. We have to ensure that tens of thousands of people aren’t paying more on the store we move them to.

The georelocation is based on a cookie, at some point in time you have toggled to view the EU store. The cookie then ensures you don’t have to change country every time you access the website, it redirects based on your preferences. That’s why you now have two different accounts. If you would like us to sort any subscriptions out for you just let me or the team ( know and we will get right on it.

You can’t turn on SSO on Shopify. Even if we did build something custom, it would only allow us to connect people to an external account system, not a different Shopify store.

Our recommendation is to check the store you have previously set a cookie for. We name the store you are on directly above the log in section, and tell people how to alter it.


I’m sorry this wasn’t clear, as I said we’re working on it so we can make everyone’s experience better :slight_smile: