Multiples websites for different regions and having to create new accounts

First of all, sorry for my bad english.

I tried searching about this topic and I haven’t seen it discussed.

I’ve visited the website to check if there were any updates on the formula and whatnot since I’ll be receiving more Huel from my suscription in a few days. It seems that now there are multiple websites for different regions. I’m currently living in Spain so I guess I need to use the EU website instead of the UK one and that’s fine, the problem is that when I go to Huel EU my previous account doesn’t exist.

So I need to create a new account, cancel previous suscription and create a new one. It’s not a big deal ofc but a bit inconvenient and I suppose it causes issues for the Huel team too, statistics about the suscription system will be skewed and it creates useless feedback when cancelling those suscriptions.

Hey there, we’re totally aware of this and are working on a way to transfer accounts across. Having multiple websites for difference regions is essential so that we can begin to display information in local currencies and languages. However you can continue to use your Huel UK account and there won’t be any issues with your subscription. You can toggle your website using the flag top right (desktop) or in the menu on mobile. There is no need for you to cancel and restart your sub.

Sorry, we’re working on a solution.

This is the same case with other sites like which also tells to create multiple accounts.