Account keeps getting deleted

I have had to create the same account 3 times now to edit my subscription and each time doesn’t show a recurring subscription. Under the same email address I have previously received order confirmations for, shows up as “account not yet created” in the forgot password page.

Its very frustrating and i don’t want a random charge to my (now canceled) credit card. any help on finding my original account so i can end the subscription? thank you!

I’m having a similar issue. I just created my account but I can’t login in with it. “Invalid login credentials” even though it’s the same password (copy & paste). When I go to “forgot your password”, it says my account does not exist…

I had the same problem. You might be going to the wrong site. Try instead of I did that, and my account was valid at the “us.” site - subscription info was there and everything.

No offense, Huel, but this isn’t the only problem with your site. You guys should really hire some extra developers to help your team out.

I’ll try it out, thank you!!! And yea that is a bit sketchy that the sites are same company but slightly different. Wasn’t expecting that.

Thanks for pulling this one up. @jumlas22 did this work for you? Comparing your email address to our system you definitely have an account in the UK but haven’t placed any orders under this email address (the one associated with your forum account). However you do have an account in the USA too and have placed orders with it.

So it seems @DanHoelck was correct?

None taken, do you fancy applying?

Tim, thanks for the response and @DanHoelck was correct about me trying to log into the UK vs US huel. i have full access now. its not very apparent the variation with the sites when logging in. maybe an embedded link to the US site if the account isnt being found as an option to try?

Also i noted on the US site, clicking the forum link at the top of the page sends me to which doesnt exist. i had to google huel forum to get to this place which is just something i just spotted a few minutes ago

I don’t think you guys can afford me :wink:

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