Accounts disappearing

I am consistently having issues with my accounts suddenly vanishing. I tried to log in to the forum today to reply to my thread (notified by email) and I couldn’t log in. I try to reset my password and it says my email doesn’t exist. The email is definitely correct as I received the reply notification just a few hours ago.

I have now made this account using the same email as before without being stopped for a duplicate email so it seems that my previous account has been completely removed. According to my email, “TimOfficialHuel” replied to my thread today but I cannot see the thread in his recent activity.

This also happened when I tried to place my last order. I had to make another account to checkout with and now that account is also gone. I have just made a new order and now my original account works in checkout. It feels like sometimes the accounts exist and sometimes they don’t.

I was in the process of resolving an issue with my last order and had just received a reply to my thread but now I can’t follow up because my account and the thread are nowhere to be seen. I would @ the member of staff helping me but I don’t know how, so if someone can refer Tim to me that would be helpful.


@andrewcfc69, I don’t know anything about the issue you’re having but I do know the forum account and Huel shop account is separate for each user so sometimes it causes confusion when you register for one and don’t get the other… your situation sounds more weird though because it sounds like you’ve posted here before…! Technical issues perhaps :frowning:

Hey Andrew, I think I know what’s happening here.

All is good. You’re first message was with an account on, which incidentally is our USA forum. Teresa from the US team directed you to this forum, the UK/Global forum. They look the same but are different sites, therefore you need separate accounts to login - which you have. So all good here but nothing we can do.

Can I ask how you came to find in the first place? You cannot access it from and I’m concerned it’s in an email we send out somewhere accidentally.

Huel Website Account
Due to the issue with accessing the correct forum and now mentioning not being able to access your Huel account I’m concerned you have toggled onto the USA somehow. You absolutely have an account on the UK website and it is registered for the same email address you have used to sign up to this forum.

What country flag do you see in the top right of your screen when you go to

If it’s the USA then just toggle it onto United Kingdom and you shouldn’t have a problem. Let me know if this solves your problem!

I’m not sure how I ended up on discourse but that definitely explains the problem I’ve been having. When I opened the website just now it showed the UK flag and I’ve never had this issue happen before the last few days. I never manually switched to the USA version so I don’t know how I ended up there.

As for the issue with my order that I described in my first post, should I continue that discussion here?

It looks like you’re account is all good - it’s there in our system and looking at your history you’ve had 7 subscriptions, all of which are now cancelled, so it seems like you can get into your account? Perhaps try a password reset? Your most recent order was fulfilled yesterday.

It might be worth pointing out our subscription guide to you, so that instead of cancelling subscriptions you can easily change the date and quantity of upcoming subscriptions.

Can you let me know specifically what you would like to do and I will do everything I can to sort it out.

Sorry, by first post I meant the post I made on the USA forum. I just wanted to reply to this.

I’m still using the same water so I don’t think that is the issue. I have only tried one pouch out of the seven I received because I thought that opened pouches could not be refunded. If you think I should test more of them I can do that, I just wanted to confirm that it was ok to do so.

My apologies. What’s the batch number on the bags? This is a number on the bottom of the reverse side of the pouch, under the nutritional label. Are any of them different to the offending pouch?

We use a host of very natural ingredients, and although we work hard to ensure uniformity it can be tricky at times. Once you’ve tested another different batched pouch then please follow my instructions for sending it back to us.