Username blues

I had a log in with the user name “Hueler” and now it won’t let me sign in. So I am “Hueler1”

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Are you sure that was here and not elsewhere? One frustrating thing about Huel is that their systems are all different. I was lucky enough to grab the same username on, (this UK based site) and (the US based site just like this one).

But a lot of people get confused between dicuss and discourse (and also the discord site out there) and don’t realize that their login on one doesn’t work on another…

Just a thought.

I don’t think you have @hueler here. Your emails don’t match, and both emails are obviously names.

You are @hueler on the US forum :raised_hands:

Sorry about that, it would be super cool to have it all integrated, but the Huel forums aren’t so much our platforms. We use Discourse forums as they’re really intuitive and does everything we want it to do and more. We could have USA section here but it would be annoying for you and me. The USA has different products and different formulas, different delivery systems. Unless all conversation was kept to purely general Huel feedback on flavouring, experiences, weight control etc (which obviously wouldn’t be reasonable) then quickly the forum would be a pretty boring place. Instead you can come here to this forum with a more Europe focus and get specific, tailored information about the products you’re buying.

Hope that makes sense.

Oh, I understand the reasons, and they make sense… it’s still frustrating as a user experience to not have a single sign-on to the Huel sites.

I don’t know how you could/would solve it, or even if it can be, but just understand that it is a frustration, at least until you get to understand it. It’s especially frustrating if you use a password manager like LastPass, which believes anything that ends in “” should have the same password… but which at your request has generated different passwords for “”, “” and “”.

I finally had to override the generated passwords and use a simple one I could remember on all three sites, because I could never make LastPass fill in the right one and it was a pain having to go into it and manually grab the right one to log in.

(And honestly, I don’t mind my discuss and discourse passwords being duplicates and/or non-secure because the worst that happens if someone hacks me is that someone comes in here and spams y’all with ads or something. Not great, but not life ending.)

Hey Tim,

This wasn’t meant for me I guess…

Got a couple of false password reset requests recently so your message puts them into context.

Happy to free up my username if the other person really wants it :wink: