Adding bars to subscription

Is this possible without cancelling your subscription and making a new one with the bars as well as the powder? I can see that if you go to the flavour pouch page there is a “add to subscription” button but this is not present on the bars page. I had a subscription for the powder but I wanted to add 32 bars to my next delivery which is being dispatched tomorrow but I could not see how to do this so ended up deleting my subscription and making a new one with both products on.

I can now manually adjust what gets delivered using “adjust product quantities” but the whole process was more involved than I expected.

Side note - On the form where you enter your delivery address a field for building name / company name would be good. I have my deliveries delivered to work but the form is geared for residential addresses. There is a field called “apt, suite etc” but what gets entered into here does not come out on the preview when you click OK.

Side note 2 - on the “upcoming deliveries” schedule page I think it should show the order just placed as the first one just as confirmation to the user that one is being dispatched. I know you get an email, but the email does not reference the subscription. On my first subscription I actually pressed ship now as I did not realise one order was coming anyway and I ended up with two!


If you click on the “recurring order” option it should appear below the add to basket button

That’s a good point, I will talk to the people who work on subscriptions to see if we can change that.

This is something we want to fix. The order is talked about in the “Transactions” tab, but it’s not imminently obvious that that’s where you need to go to see them so it’s something we want to fix.

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I was planning to have a combined powder and bar suscription, recurring every 10 weeks (I live in Sweden and want to minimize shipment) but bar subscriptions can’t be longer apart than 4 weeks. Is there a trick that will let me do this?

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I would like this as well please.


How did you get out here? Get back in the protein extractor before Tim sees you or there’ll be trouble.


Sorry about this, on the website that’s the longest option you could select but we could change it to anything you want after the subscription has been made.

However…I’ve just chatted to our lead developer Chris and he fixed it in 15 seconds, we timed him. So you can now add bars up to 10 weeks. Let me know if it works for you!


Works like a charm.


I’m trying to add a box of bars to my subscription, unfortunately I do not get the “add to subscription” button, just the “subscribe” button. Any pointers please as I don’t want these to become 2 separate orders?

“I’m trying to add a box of bars to my subscription, unfortunately I do not get the “add to subscription” button, just the “subscribe” button. Any pointers please as I don’t want these to become 2 separate orders?”

Anyone have any ideas on this one?

Can anyone help? I’m trying to add bars to an existing subscription but there is no “add to subscription” button as previously advised above.

In production?! *shock horror emoji* Where is the end-to-end testing and regression analysis? calls emergency meeting with PM and QA leads to discuss increased controls and change management procedures and whether or not this whole agile thing is really working out

Hi Darren, I’m in the process right now of updating our Subscription Guide to reflect new procedure. Here is what you need:

Firstly, login to your Huel account, or create one if you don’t already have one.

  • Click “Manage Subscription Delivery”
  • Click “Add Product”
  • Select the product you would like to add and the quantity you wish to receive
  • Select your preferred delivery schedule from the drop down. N.B. Select the same delivery interval as current subscription to avoid creating two seperate orders.
  • “Next Shipment” will automatically sync with your current subscription. Changing this date will create two separate orders.
  • You can cancel this from the “Manage Subscription Delivery” page.

Adding a new product

Let me know if this helps!

Tim, thanks for the reply. I can’t try it now as my login will not allow me access. I’ve tried resetting password but even that does not work.


Now your system tells me that my e-mail address is not linked to an account. So I have made a new account with the same e-mail address but I am now worried that my old subscription will still be live and I will be charged on both accounts.

Can you please cancel my old subscription?

I’ve dropped you a DM.