Adding bars to delivery

I like to add on a box of bars with my order however having difficulty finding the option this time around. It’s only taking me to the subscription page for the bars.

It depends whether you are trying to add it via the account area, or when you’re making a new order, but either way we can make this work for you!

  1. Adding to an upcoming subscription
  • Head to our account page. You can also access this page via the top navigation or hamburger menu on mobile (if you don’t have an account yet, you will need to create one by hitting the black " create account " button)
  • On the account overview page, scroll down until you see ‘Add more products to your order’
  • Select the Bars - and it should be self explanatory from there.

n.b. if you already have a subscription for two boxes of Huel Bars, you won’t be able to add a 3rd here. You just need to increase your current subscription from 2 boxes of bars, to 3.

  1. Adding to a new order
  • Add the products you would like to your basket (this won’t work if you already have Bars in your basket)
  • Once you hit Add to Cart or Subscribe button you will be taken to this page
  • Add the item you would like!

I hope that is helpful. I’m sure I’ve missed something, but let me know if that works or not and if it doesn’t we can sort it out for you :blush:

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