Adding extra scoop

Is it a bad idea to use 3 scoops rather than 2 to fill me up a bit with Huel Black ? Finding myself getting hungry quicker than I thought

Fill your boots, IMO - I’ve done that when I’ve not had much time, so long as you’re happy with extra 200 calories crack on.

:slightly_smiling_face:… a lot of protein in one sitting tho … just not finding myself feeling full, :roll_eyes: still I’ll give it a go

if you have a blender you could also try making the shake denser by blending in say an unripened banana or a few pieces of dried fruits that would be less calories than another scoop - if you are watching your calories intake.

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Would make sense , but then would need to invest in a blender … thanks for advice tho :slightly_smiling_face:

Doesn’t have to be a posh one mate. I’m using one which cost about £15 from Argos 20 years ago. The button fell off the front so I just use a tea towel to twist it lol.

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:joy::joy::joy: the less posh the better :joy::joy:


I just use a plaster stirrer on the end of a drill.


Sorry you aren’t feel all that full from Huel. What else are you eating in the day? You’re not just having 2 scoops of Huel or anything are you?!

Perhaps making your Huel thicker might help. Reduce down the water to make it thicker and it might feel a little more satiating. Some people even make it yoghurt consistency and eat Huel from a bowl with a spoon!

Hi … no it’s the not feeling full between shake and either next shake or meal … don’t get me wrong I’m not starving :roll_eyes: just quite peckish . That’s why I wondered whether the extra scoop might do the trick