Adding To Box (With Subscription Order)

Hi all,

I added a one-off purchase to come with my subscription order (two Shakers), but I can’t find them on the order anywhere! The price has gone up to reflect the added items, but they’re nowhere to be seen! Has anyone encountered this? Am I looking in the wrong place? I’ve literally looked everywhere and I’m worried they’ve added the charge, but I wont receive them.

i’ve no idea…seems to be a bit of a lucky dip these days.


My subscription shows the same when I add something. The 3 deliveries I had have all been correct though.

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I edited my subscription to bring it forward, and my add-on/one time bars still showed as the original date. I tried to add-on to the powder delivery, and then it showed two boxes on the original date & still nothing with the pouches. So deleted both of those and tried to add again, and finally they showed with the pouches phew. I was starting to worry after all the issues noted here recently.

I added three flavour pouches and a replacement scoop to my last subscription, the price went up accordingly but nothing extra was listed on the order, just the subscription powder.
Happy to say DPD delivered the full order with no issues today.

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Hey there, what was the result here @Robbo1984 . Were they included in the end? In which case the system works but just annoyingly isn’t showing it.


Sorry for the late reply. Everything was good! :slight_smile:

I think the system probably is working, but it doesn’t look as though it is, so everyone (well, probably not EVERYONE) is getting confused and frustrated.