Subscription Nonsense!

Does anyone else think the “My Account” and subscription pages are awkward, confusing and difficult to use?
Most of the time the flavors and quantities wont update and I’m going back and forth to different pages to change delivery, frequency, etc etc.
When I add something other than the powder (eg flavor boost) I then have to navigate to more pages as this is treated as a separate subscription and I have to update all the bits for this separately.
Cant find where to do an instant order!.. then when I do have to go looking round to make sure the subscription date isn’t going to send me another 8 x bags the following week!!
Please Huel… go and look at MOST other websites that sell stuff and copy them!!
I dont have time for all this mucking about or the learning curve required to navigate “my account” on my twice yearly visit.
Better still… do away with the forced subscription and structure your prices for quantity only! With the option of a subscription.
(We only do it to save money!)
Feels like your tricking people with this piece of marketing nonsense.
And finally how about sorting PayPal out for subscriptions!


I agree it isn’t optimal right now, it could do with a rehaul to make it more user-friendly.

I like the idea of only having discounts on quanity, as long as it doesn’t drive current prices up.

Or a reHUEL…!

@hunzas I’m getting worse than you.


Well played, sir… well played

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I tried to change my subscription yesterday.

  1. Date change from shipping this week, to new date next week - appeared to stick
  2. Qty/mix change - reverted to original values no matter what I did.

Unfortunately Ive been here before - so I sent a mail (call that mail 1) to team@huel yesterday asking for manual qty/mix change and confirmation of both new qty/mix & new date and reminding them of previous mail problems.

Overnight I received 2 separate mails 10 mins apart, telling me that my order was going to ship on the original date i.e. this week!

I replied to one of those 2 (call that mail 2) pointing out that i’d already changed the date and sent a mail (mail 1) asking for confirmation of new date / mix.

I received a reply to mail 1 - confirming new date and changed mix.

I received a reply to mail 2 saying they’d not received mail 1.

Ive definitely been here before.

I don’t understand the trouble everyone is having… I use a Pixel 2 to manage my sub on the mobile site and it’s fine.

Odd eh!

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I think you’ve got it - in my case the problem is likely a browser compatibility issue.

I use Safari as my browser. But once previously when I had a problem I had Chrome installed and iirc when I switched to that, the change ‘stuck’.

But its not installed right now and tbh I dont think I should need to switch browsers, when Safari works with all other sites i visit - including banking / online purchasing - eBay, amazon, retail store sites etc, as well as all my normal web browsing.

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That was good tho…lol

Browser issue for me. On a Mac subscription options don’t update with Safari, but they are fine with Chrome.

I’ve been trying on my iPad and neither seem to be working for me. I’ve had to alter my order a few times, and each time I’ve had to email for help and had a human being fix it in their side for me. So they definitely know about the problem.

If they are checking the forum hopefully they can tell us when a fix will be rolled out. It’s just a bit annoying.

And yeah being unable to add one off items to your subscription delivery would seem like an essential.

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I definately agree on adding one time items. Now, ordering any accessories or limited edition flavor boosts is very odd as the requirement for free shipment here is 60€.

Http:// for Shopify help if you need it @huel