Advice - consequences of eating too few calories?

Hi Guys!

I’ve seen reference to eating too few calories leading to weight loss stopping and other bad consequences.

But how do you know what is ‘too few’? Obviously to lose weight you need to put in less calories than you need, so is there a magical cut off point?

According to Livestrong app I need about 1800 calories to maintain (5’ 7 female, 12 stone 2) and I have been doing 1500 a day (roughly) and have lost 1 stone (14 pounds/ 6.4kg) in 30 days. My activity is pretty moderate, mainly walking the dog and child/home stuff. I also BF my 15 month old, so that’s using some calories.

So perhaps I really need 2000 - 2500 to maintain?

My question is therefore, is 1500 calories a day too few? I’m happy with my weight loss to date and don’t really want to lose weight super slowly since that massively affects my motivation, but also don’t want adverses consequences…

Advice? :slight_smile:

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General advice (like here) is losing 2 pounds per week, 8 pounds per month, is tough and not really recommended. But it’s ok for some people, I’d consider that ‘the line’. You’ve lost quite a bit more than that. So I don’t think that can be a healthy way to do it. I think the acid test is are you doing something you think your GP would be happy with? If we are doing something that we might bend the truth a little when chatting to a doctor then it’s a good sign, deep down, we know it isn’t a good idea. In theory about another 750 calories a day would put you close to that 2 pounds per week rather than 3.5 pounds per week.

But I’d hope when you’ve had a baby you have some support and the opportunity to chat to professionals. They are better people to give advice than chat on a forum. Especially when you are looking after a little one and they are getting their nutrition from you. If you are in doubt then slower weight loss has to be safer and healthier doesn’t it? Good luck and congratulations on the little one.

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I dunno, every calorie checker I look at, even if I up the exercise bit and add on some extra calories for breastfeeding seems to suggest 1500- 1800 for 1lb a week weight loss. Perhaps I’ve just had some beginners luck?! Or just water retention/bloating or something? I certainly put back on a couple of pounds over the 4 days I had guests staying and went back to my previous eating habits…

I don’t know how you are factoring in breast feeding but that might be more calories. If you aren’t sleeping as well you must be using more calories over a day than someone who is, for instance. The calculator is a broad approximation and you must have a lot going on that most of us don’t. Either way real life experience trumps that approximation. I think you’ll know as you go on if you are losing it at the same rate and you can adjust as you go. Mums are the most important people so look after yourself.

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well you have ups and downs right ??? i’m at a low point…maybe i have had too few calories ?? as My fitness pal app said so…

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My fave calorie calculator says, assuming you are ~25yo and that keeping up with a baby amounts to “3-5 hours per week moderate exercise” – and I bet it should count for more than that! – nets out to 2400 TDEE, 2200 for moderate weight loss.

So yeah, you are starving yourself in my opinion. 2000/day at least, and more as the kid gets older.

I’m 34… that calculator recommended 1800 for moderate weight loss, which on some days I am eating, just not every day :slight_smile:

I found this article interesting :slight_smile:

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