Calorie intake?

Can someone help me work out what I should be taking please? I tried to work it out but I’m confusing myself and worried I either have to much or not enough.

I plan on only having Huel. I want to lose 2lb per week. I’ve weighed myself and I am 178lbs. My metabolic rate says I am burning 1716 at rest. from what I can see i need to eat 500 less calories a day for 1lb weight loss. Surely I can’t just have 700 calories in a day.

Am I working it out wrong? Plz help :weary:

Better just aim for one lb per week, two would be a bit ambitious when starting at 178. Also, it does not all have to come from food. Even just going for a walk daily will lose you some additional calories. Don’t go hungry, especially when eating powders :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile: even at 1lb a week. I’m still unsure about how many calories I should have. When I used the calorie counter it said for my height and weight I should have 2319 calories to maintain my weight or 1819 to lose 1lb. But my scales say I’m burning 1716 calories at rest. So if I have 1819 calories I’d surely be eating more than I’m burning. U get me?

Have you tried this calculator mentioned in the How to use Huel page?

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Hi, I did yes. I’m comparing that with what the scales are telling me that’s why I’m not sure what to take. My metabolic rate is 1716 calories at rest. But the calorie calculator is saying I’d need to eat 1819 to lose 1lb. That’s what is confusing me. I might ignore the scales and just go with what the calorie counter is saying. If I get it wrong the first week I can alter what I take the second week

Its my understanding though, that ‘at rest’ is the bare minimum required to maintained metabolic function, such that even even getting up and going to pee, is going to increase the calorie intake required, ergo the general activities of a day( going to and from work, whatever exercise, be it going up and down stairs to get some shoes etc) will increase the total calorie intake required.

if that understanding is correct, then 500 calories will probably easily be burned extra during the course of a normal day.

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What’s your job?

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What exercise are you doing and how regular?