Am I eating enough calories?


I’m 60.8kg, 5ft 3 and I want to lose around 4kg. I worked out on the calculator, that for me to lose 1 pound a week I need to eat 1,111 calories. Is that too low? I don’t work out at the moment due to illness, but I walk around 8,000 steps a day.

I’ve just started Huel and I can’t wait to see results! Only replacing it for breakfast and lunch :blush:


Hi @beckieeschle,

Using the calorie calculator on, these are the results that were returned based on the measurements you gave…


So to lose 1lb per week, at a 500 kcal deficit per day, you would need to consume 1,057 calories per day.

The caveat here is that I didn’t know your age (nor would I ask you for it, what with being a gentleman :tophat:), so opted for 30 years old. It will alter the results depending on your age (e.g. 20 years old = 1,117 per day; 40 years old = 997 per day).

Hope this helps.

Good luck with achieving your results.

Okay brilliant, I’m 24, so around 1,111 would be right? That’s what I got too but I didn’t want to be eating too little! Life Sum told me I was eating too little but I guess if the calculator tells me 1,111 then it’s fine! :blush:

Thanks for your help!

I think the general recommendation is to not go below 1200 kcals a day unless you are on the 800 -try-to-beat-diabetes- diet - but I don’t know if it’s science based or not - never bothered to look into it as - 1200kcal diet leaves me too hungry to stick too so my min is atleast 1300

Okay thanks! I pretty much end up at around 1,200 anyway :blush:

Yeah you’ve done everything right there in your calculations. With those calculations and if you keep to it very well you should be at your goal in 8-10 weeks. Enjoy the journey to your goal.

Best of luck

Thanks so much :blush: