Advice on countering flavor of peas?

I think I can taste peas. I might just biased because I don’t like peas, but still. Any advice on how to counter that? I tried with coco powder and stevia and I could still taste it. I’ll increase the amount of both for my next meal, and see how that goes.

I mix mine with skimmed milk and chocolate protein,you could use your coco powder, I find that it not only mixes better in the shaker but turns out tasting like Orio’s that have been softened in milk. Best taste ever, it’s almost to the point of addictive for me. It changes the nutritional profile of the straight Huel if your’re just mixing with water but only adding a little more carbs and a little more protein, which is what I was after. Try it it may be your answer to removing the pea taste though I personally have never tasted the pea coming through even when I was using water only.

Cheers. Mark.

@augustin are you using the vanilla or the unflavoured & unsweetened Huel?

Hey @Julian, nice to meet you. I’m using unflavored and unsweetened variant.

Stock cubes work well if you prefer savory - although some have dodgy ingredients

@Ed_ Savory is not really my thing, I prefer slightly sweet and fruity.
So today, I blended Huel with one banana, and it was awesome, almost didn’t feel the earthy taste. One banana shouldn’t alter the nutritional profile much (100 extra calories) but it immensely helps with taste.

Hi @augustin we do four sweet flavours pouches. which contain natural flavour and sweetener. Alternatively you can buy the orginal vanilla flavour, which masks the pea flavour.

To save making a new thread, I’m also having some issues with the flavour of “unflavoured/unsweetened” Huel. To the point of wretching even!

I have the flavour pouches, and my initial mix was half a teaspoon (which is what I put into Vanilla before) of Strawberry. This was still offensively flavoured. So I added two teaspoons of sugar, and another half teaspoon of Strawberry. This was still horrible!

I’ve now got two giant bags that I don’t think I can bring myself to touch!

Does anyone have any other suggestions or should I add more of the flavour system? Perhaps two heaped teaspoons?

I also didn’t get on with the “unflavoured/unsweetened”. I thought they’d be good with the flavour pouches, but I didn’t like it that way. The only way I could make it edible was with a lot more flavour, plus some granulated artificial sweetner I had.

The flavour pouches are much better in the vanilla Huel I think.

But what I’m doing to not waste the unsweetened Huel is making my meals from 2 scoops of Vanilla and 1 of unsweetened for now. That’s OK.


Idylla: I experienced the same problem with the unsweetened/unflavoured Huel. I have only tried the unsweetened/unflavoured version of Huel and I bought it when the flavour pouches didn’t exist yet. So the first time I tried it (without anything added), I couldn’t stand it, I thought I had to throw away 1 weeks worth of Huel. But then I read a great advice on this forum, I started to use 3 scoops of Huel (instead of 4), 1 banana (or more depending on how much calories you want, 1 banan is app. 100kcal) and 2 teaspoons of cinnamon, then I add 250ml oatmilk (you could use almondmilk or any other milk available) and 250ml water. This combo is awesome, I think!

When I finally got the flavour pouches I tried half a teaspoon to 4 scoops of huel, and I agree with you, you can still taste something not vert pleasant. So now I was stuck with the banana/cinnamon/oatmilk-combo, which I like, but I wanted some variation. So I though f*ck *t, I will add alot of the flavour system to see it it works at all. Now I always add 2 heaped teaspoons (sometimes a little bit more, depending of how many scoops of Huel I use) of the flavour system and it tastes great. I also use oatmilk/water when I use the flavour system, it gives the drink a little bit thicker consistency and more pleasant taste. Sure it won’t last as long, but what ever, it’s really good and that’s what matters =P !

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I’m having my today’s Huel with home-made blackcurrant conserve. I put 3 generous teaspoonfulls of it to ~4 scoops of Huel. It’s not overwhelmingly sweet and there’s still the usual aftertaste, but the taste itself is bearable and that was the whole point. (Yes, I’m aware I altered the nutrient profile adding mainly sugar, but I do that only once in a while)