Advice on when to use around training

Hi there. I’ve been an on/off Huel user for about a year now, but I really want to become more consistent with it as I am training for Ironman Wales in September, and want to be in the best shape possible. I find when I am using Huel I do indulge less! I have in the past had Huel twice a day, with a normal evening meal, but I think I need a better way to use it around my training sessions, which are either first thing before work, a short session at lunch, or after work before my evening meal (or sometimes two sessions a day).
My issues are I do not know how much Huel I should consume and when around sessions. I’m female, 5’5", and around 58kg. I would like top lose a bit of body fat and a few inches around my stomach (don’t we all), but fueling my training is the main goal. I would appreciate anyone who would be able to advise me on quantities etc, or point me in the right direction of a good website.
Many thanks.

Doesn’t that put your BMI slap bang in the centre of the scale at ‘perfect’? I wouldn’t really focus on fat loss as that will come with training for Iron Man.

Losing fat comes with eating and training at a calorific deficit, whilst training gains come from training at maintenance/surplus calories. I think your two goals conflict each other slightly. If you’re training for an event like that I’d go ham on the calories and cram in every last bit you can. Training for that kind of thing takes a hell of a lot of energy if done correctly.

I do weight training every single day and am 5ft11 85kg. I’ve been eating more or less 3500 calories a day since October and have gained hardly any fat. Goes to show you how much energy full recovery utilises.

Although it differs completely to your own training plan as you’re female (are you still allowed to say that these days?), I’ll outline what I do below:


Weetabix x2 with whole milk, 200ml.
Huel (4 scoops, one scoop flavouring) with 400ml whole milk
One wholemeal toast with one portion beans and 4 scrambled eggs


Huel (4 scoops, no flavouring) with water


Whatever has been cooked for the household, normally a large portion of curry/pasta/roast dinner
Huel (3 scoops, one whey protein) with 200ml whole milk

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Hi @Thommo

We have a number of people who use Huel to compliment their training here. The amount to use will vary on goals and what you’re eating the rest of the day. For someone like you, you may like 1 scoop about 20 mins before a hard session and 1.5-2 scoops post workout.

@JamesCollier Do you have any thoughts on the bar as a post workout meal? My weekday training is predominantly swimming or circuits in the evening which finishes about half 8 or later. I have a corn flakes for breakfast with semi milk, a couple of snacks in the day, a 90g Huel for lunch and another 90g Huel and a banana 60 mins before training. After training I plan to have the bar and an Apple.

As long as my calories are on target, any negative?

Hi @Coup - the Huel Bar PWO could work well; the carbs will help replenish energy.

Side note, your breakfast of cornflakes and semi milk isn’t a great choice; I’d prefer to see some high fibre cereal.

@JamesCollier Thanks for your comments. I looked into various cereals and tried a few and decided to stick with Shredded Wheat. Did pass by Shreddies along the way but found the sugar content rather high, 15g per 100g.