Afternoon Hunger

Nearly a week on Huel for two meals a day. I am really struggling with hunger in the afternoon…Huel for breakfast (around 7am) keeps me full until 1ish when I have my next shake but by 3 in the afternoon in starving and suffering until 5/6 for dinner…any advice?!

Have you tried skipping breakfast and instead having your first Huel at say 10 or 11am?

I used to religiously eat breakfast and preach it’s the most important meal of the day, but it’s not, or at least you don’t need to eat it first thing in the morning.

I get exactly the same issue with Huel. No one came up with an answer. Glad it’s not just me suffering! :slight_smile:

There isn’t any reason to do with Huel as to why breakfast fills you up more than your lunch other than calorie consumption. What were you eating before you starting having Huel for lunch and do the amount of calories match? As I’m sure you know, Huel isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ product and everyone needs a different amount!

My recommendation would be to up the amount of Huel for lunch to a relative amount and if the problem persists then split your meal into two sittings - one a 1pm and the second at 3pm. This is how I eat my lunch!

Huel bars, or a small huel shake in the afternoon :slight_smile:

How big are your meals? Is the the three scoops 400 calorie standard one? Because if that’s the case you’re on 800 or so calories from breakfast to dinner. Unless you’re going for a 800+dinner amount of calories a day and this measures up to your TDEE, you might want to consider increasing your intake.

How big is your dinner? What’s your daily caloric intake? Goals? It looks like you’re on about 1500-1800 a day, which might be well below your daily. In which case, no wonder you’re hungry. You’re basically starving.

On your timeframe I’d have gone through at least one more shake. 7-10-13-16 and then dinner at 19. That’d put me at 2000+ calories, depending on how much I gorge myself at dinner.