The Two Thirds Huel Lifestyle is a Better Way of Life

Did my headline grab your attention?

Of course, what works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for everyone else, so how dare I claim that this is the best way to live?!

But for me, it definitely is. Having Huel for breakfast and lunch, then having an evening meal, just seems to fit so well. Breakfast is super easy, and so is the rest of the day as far as food is concerned. But then I get to enjoy an evening meal. It just seems to work out perfectly really.

I actually can’t even imagine not doing things this way anymore. I’ve been on Huel for several months now, and it just seems like second nature to me now.


Out of interest, do you exercise much? I find that two shakes of huel for breakfast and lunch followed by an evening meal leaves me hungry. I need three shakes of huel and an evening meal to remain satiated. Then again, I train rather hard every day and do quite a physical job so it’s to be expected.

@Harmonica yes you do need to define how many calories you personally need. It all depends on your height, gender, weight, age, activity level. This is the best place to start -

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@Marcus yes totally agree, breakfast and lunch for me are the perfect use case for Huel. Simplifies life and makes me more efficient.

So people replace their evening meal as after a long day the last thing they want to do if start prepping and cooking a meal, which makes sense too.

Julian that’s exactly my case. During my long work weeks I get home quite late, so I’m currently trying to reach a breakfast+dinner routine with Huel. Not always possible as I do binge eat take aways sometimes so I’m trying to uncouple eating from stress relief. Huel makes manage this situation easier for me: I know the powder is there ready to be prepared, so temptations are becoming less frequent.

At lunchtime there’s a fairly decent canteen at work so I have a normal meal with coworkers so it’s almost like a social thing.

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I totally understand @Yossi at work I don’t have a canteen so there is no temptation.

Not quite as much as I was a few months back. I injured my ankle VERY badly in October (the pain was horrific and I swore a lot) and it’s still not quite healed yet. Before that, I did a fair amount of walking each day.

But I still do some quick exercises each morning, just some pressups and core strengthening. I’ve also got really back into swimming once a week since my ankle injury. I swam a mile last weekend (64 lengths).

But if you find yourself getting hungry, you’re obviously not having enough. You need to factor your exercise into your calorie requirements.

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