Ahipment time and tracking

Hey any of u knows how long it take to get it shipped in the south of italy? Do they give u a tracking number?

I guess shipments are around 2 days after dispatch? Think dispatch is up to three working days.

Not sure about aiphments though I’m afraid :stuck_out_tongue:

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I got mine in 2 days with UPS, to Milano, as an usual international shipment. Yes UPS gives you tracking number and delivery date. Dispatch with Huel is very variable. My first order took 3 working days to dispatch. The second one is frozen since last tuesday, but I’ve contacted support and they said one of the items is out of stock and I’m waiting a solution. (update: the order was modified on my request and should be dispatched - also got a discount on next one :slight_smile: ).

But I have to add, that even if Huel is not Amazon Prime - like, it’s worth waiting for and I hope you will like it as I do. :slight_smile:

Indeed I can’t wait, I’m excited but not even an email saying it’s been shipped, a tracking number… I paid and nothing else I got no news says order unfulfilled. I think I will wait till tomorrow and then I contact them

They send an email when the order is dispatched (like Amazon), and then you get another email from UPS with the tracking number and delivery date. As said before, dispatch can take days.

If you want info write them, I always got very kind answers. :slight_smile:

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