Help with getting any response from Huel

Can anyone help? is there any way to get a quick response from Huel? I purchased for the first time last week and it says that it was dispatched on Jan 2nd but nothing is arriving and I have sent emails, dm message on IG and facebook instant message to get a tracking number and no response. I want to know if this always happen and check if I have to cancel my order and never purchase again because I need this urgent or it won´t serve the purpose it had. @Tim_Huel

They’re having a rough start to the year System error: an order is not on its way to you - 07/01/20 15:30

The quickest ways to get a response is live chat or phoning them but they are really backlogged at present and can’t seem to keep up. Keep trying…

Your email will be answered (but will take a few days or longer…) and sending further emails won’t help
So live chat and phoning is the best thing to do if you can get through.

Did you get charged any money?
If you didn’t, your order maybe didn’t get picked up

That´s another thing… I haven´t found where is that mentioned live chat, and when I cll to the phone that they have it says it doesnt exist… that 900 number would be in which country? Thanks! nIf I receive the order in a few days it won´t serve anymore…


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                08/01/20 11:24:05

Go to the Uk site and look in the bottom right hand corner for the black speech bubble symbol. You can use the Uk site even if you’re not based in the Uk

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Got the tracking number!! Thanks!!


Have you tried Twitter?

How did you get the tracking number in the end? I have exactly the same situation as you, the first page says my order will be dispatched shortly but then on the order page it says it was dispatched on 2 January but with no tracking number / delivery company name / email saying it has been dispatched (which I have always received with previous orders). They haven’t replied to my email yet! Luckily I have enough Huel to keep me going for a while but it’s frustrating to have conflicting information on the page, no tracking number and no reply from Customer services!

Following the instructions of Christina above, I went to the live chat and requested it there.

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