System error: an order is not on its way to you - 07/01/20 15:30

We made an error.

Some of you may have received an email from us suggesting a new order was on its way to you.

Please don’t worry this was a system error and an order is not on its way to you, nor have you been charged. If you have received this email then there is no need to email us about it.

If you have emailed us about a separate issue, we may be a little slow off the mark to answer your query. This is because this glitch affected a large number of our customers, several of whom have contacted us. This combined with our already high January volume has lead to a very, very full inbox and a very, very busy team.

Thank you for your understanding!

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I’ve been trying to place an order for almost one month.

Several emails sent, however I can’t order!. I’ve tried from my iPad, from my computer etc, I did send a video showing what’s happens but still nothing!.

And the error is not in my side (I have IT experience and a degree too).

So could please someone help me with my subscription? It’s been always working not sure what’s going on ow! and one more thing I am movin to Cayman Brac so any advise on how long does the delivery take and how much is it?.

I’ve been sending emails ( I have resend three time in the las t 3 weeks, and one reply so far but didn’t help, my previous delivery was on 5th but nothing…

Please help me!!!

Hey, I can’t advise with your current order problem but I can tell you that to get anything to Cayman Brac is going to be a real uphill battle. To get Huel to Grand Cayman you already have to pay fees for whichever carrier you end up using (eg FedEx or Sprint, etc. locally) plus a 22% duty fee. It’ll take about two weeks to get there. Getting it to the Brac will take even longer and be even more expensive. This is assuming you order through the US Huel website - if you do it through the U.K. it’ll be even worse again. You’ll be far better off bringing your own stockpile of Huel to the island than attempting to get it shipped there. The island is great though so I hope you fully enjoy your stay! And definitely check out the main island and Little Cayman if you get a chance :slight_smile:


I ordered this #80539-EU 5 days ago but no tracking status yet on UPS. I dont know if its on its way. You normally confirm this kind of status.

I dont have many Huel left :frowning:
Ps. Manually solved by the Huel team

Thank you! the thing is that I’ll be living there and I’ve been using Huel for some years now so… is like you can’t live without it !.

Reg deliveries I thought UPS can send the packet in 3-4 days or companies like parcel monkey due to high demand of deliveries they have shortcuts to avoid sending it by sea… not sure let’s see what Huel has to say if they reply to me someday… and about duty taxes I think that food duty is way more small than 2% but have to check it thoroughly .

Have you been living there? Thanks for your reply !!!

Yes, I am from there. I moved to the UK ~5 years ago.

The duty tariff on the vast majority of foodstuff is indeed 22%, you can check it under the 2017 customs tariff law when you’ve got a chance. I’ve never personally ordered Huel to the island but a friend of mine has and this is what they had to pay (in addition to the fees charged by they’re delivery carrier, Sprint).

I am not familiar with any of those delivery companies but I can almost guarantee that they will not have a simple process to get anything shipped to the Brac, if any process at all. Perhaps to Grand Cayman, but unlikely to either lesser island.

If you’re not able to bring a stock with you then I really hope you’re able to sort it out somehow! Good luck.

Feel free to send me a PM if you’ve got any other questions about the island, though :slight_smile:


Thank you for your help!!!

But what if someone placed an actual order around that time?

Well I finally got my order sent to Brac, 16 pouches (they couldn’t deliver more?!?.

Ordered on Monday and ready to drink by Friday and Saturday. They sent me two different parcels, one with 6 pouches and the other one with 10 pouches ( they came on different days).

It was a bit of a trouble in customs as I only have one invoice for my order and actually 2 different boxes were sent in different days. Was expecting only a packet ( the more boxes the more duties you pay!).

Finally I had to pay about 110 KYD at customs they DO charge you duties for the shipping price plus the goods that have been sent plus an extra amount per box ( I know too many ‘plus’ here…)

I’m happy with the whole experience it was actually quite fast and the costumer service was great, it was sent with FEDEX quite a competent delivery company known here for being one of the best, and actually way faster than expected.

So overall thank you Huel team!.

Thanks for the update, JJ. Sorry you got stung at customs but it sounds like a good result overall and that’s 272 meals of Huel you’ve got! The feedback on the invoice is useful, so because there were two parcels as part of the delivery they needed an invoice in each and that would have made it easier for you at customs?

Hi Tim!,

One order in one box with the invoice attached to it would’ve been the ideal case scenario.

When you get two different boxes that arrive in different days it looks like two different orders, as they haven’t been identified as a one single order.

The invoice doesn’t match what you really have in each parcel.

Not sure if was fedex but they told me that the sender had to send the order as a one single order, in that case the boxes would’ve been labelled as box 1/2 and box 2/2. Or something that identifies both boxes as part of the same order. In fact I had two different tracking numbers instead of one single tracking number.

Probably Fedex could help you in this matter.

But here at customs the people is great and they did sorted it out after a few errors as it was difficult for them to calculate, and even more difficult when you face one agent doing the first box and the next day other agent trying to figure out what the other agent did or how they did calculate the taxes. It took me a while there at customs and it was a bit confusing not sure what they did charge etc but is done now.

Why all the pouches where sent in two different boxes?. If it was a matter of weight limit, then why I can’t order more Huel as the pouches are gonna travel in different boxes anyways?

Many thanks.

All really good questions. I’ll have a chat with the team and find out. I imagine that there’s just a disconnect between the website options and how it’s packed at our fulfilment centre. Let me get back to you. Either way, it’s good feedback, our new fulfilment centre has only been running a few months, so hopefully this helps.