Allergies and travelling with Huel


I’m planning to travel to Sri Lanka latter this year.

I have allergy to fish and some tropical fruits like banana, kiwi and avocado. Fish is a very used ingredient in Sri lankan cuisine. So I’ve been thinking about trying Huel and taking it with me to Sri Lanka so I don’t have to worry about my allergies.

Does anyone knows if it is possible to fly with Huel from the UK to Sri Lanka?

I was thinking to send the Huel in advance as I have a contact in Sri Lanka. Is it possible to send Huel from the UK to Sri Lanka?

Please if someone has allergies like me and have been travelling by Huel could you let me know your experience?

Many thanks,

Yep no problem. Nevertheless, vegan food is quite easy to get in Sri Lanka…I’ve been there, but yes you do have to beware of the fish thing…especially the maldive fish that is often in sambal.

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Hi Hunzas,

Thanks for your replay.

I’m aware the maldive fish is use a lot in Sri lankan cuisine even in vegetable and meat curries. That’s why I think it would be helpful to take Huel with me.

I need to find out if anyone has travel to sri lanka o other places with huel and if it is possible.


You can take huel to Sri. No problem

How do you know?

have you travel before with huel to sri lanka or another country?
Do you have any info about it?

You can bring things like Huel into Sri for personal consumption. The only things to be wary of are fresh fruit and vegetables and meat. I guess to be on safe side take your Huel in sealed original bags, but I don’t think that is really a problem if they are not. I never had a problem at customs in Colombo. You can even buy a washing machine at the airport.

Take a look here: