Allergy to Banana Flavo(u)r in Black Edition?

I’ve been having some allergic reactions to the Banana version of Huel Black. The first few times it was minor and I thought it was something else. But then I had >2 scoops and it actually made breathing uncomfortable. I don’t think I would die unless I ate the whole bag in one sitting. But it’s definitely not something I would eat b/c of this. Which is a shame because it actually tastes great. I was wondering if anyone knew what the “Natural Flavorings” actually are, chemically or what have you. Also I don’t know if maybe it’s just this particular bag b/c it got contaminated (I’m allergic to some nuts like walnuts and pecans but not coconuts as it states on the bag) or something like that.

Hey Austin, thanks for stopping by to let us know about this. This sounds really strange, not something I’ve heard of before. It would be really helpful if you could email the team on with some information about your batch number (this is printed on the back of the pouch) and they can look into it.