Alternative Storage (UV light etc.)

Hi Guys (and Girls :slight_smile:), on my third month on Huel now and loving it. Not relevant to the question but I’m currently on 2000 kcal of U/U Huel a day (3x164g) + whole wheat bread and fruit for some additional carbs. I’m an active runner and I can’t run on Huel as 700 ml of the stuff needs too long to digest :slight_smile:. On to the question:

I really really don’t like the packaging of the moment, it’s got so much empty space and I can’t get the powder out without tipping most of it on the floor (5 second rule :wink:). I got some big cereal containers to combine the bags. But yesterday it came to me, that the Huel packets have a lining on the inside. Is anything in Huel sensitive to light or any other outside influences? Will I have to store the containers in a dark cupboard or is a shelf out of the sun fine?

Thanks for any help

PS: @Tim_Huel When are going to get 3.4 or 5.1kg Huel bags?

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I empty mine into cereal containers as well. Huel is sensitive to light and continued exposure to light will degrade some of the nutrients. You will need to keep the cereal box inside a cupboard. This has been covered before with official answers from Huel staff but I can’t think of any threads off hand but you will be able to search for them.

The pouches are larger because when the Huel is dropped in during manufacturing it takes up more volume. By the time it has arrived in our kitchen it has settled down. I don’t believe there are any plans to offer larger bags.

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