Behold unto my stash

Huel is love, Huel is life.

and yes, I am procrastinating from my work right now.

also inb4 light damage, pretty sure I churn through it too quick to be an issue…


I’d be interested to know what @JamesCollier thinks about whether this will get damaged by light.

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Some micronutrients may be degraded by light, I would suspect the losses to be low though, especially if you get it down your neck in a few days.

Oxidation of fats? That would be hard to measure. I suspect, again, minimal as long as it’s kept cool.


Mine lives in a container with the kids cereal. One of the boys wants to try it for a while and the wife is going to give it a go…

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I recommend annoying the wife with cringeworthy phrases like “H’uel grow to love it!” and variations of Huelisms (eg hueligan, 100% huelganic, etc) until she yields :+1:

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She’ll go for it as she need to try out a gluten free diet for at least two weeks - what easier way. She calls it Gruel :slight_smile:

here is my little setup! I will be getting a nutribullet for my birthday next month to replace the kenwood so I can make ice smoothies.