Android App

Still can’t login. Which limits the ability to beta it… :slight_smile:

There’s an app?

Yup :joy:

Android Store. Apple won’t trust you with betas :slight_smile:

Just found a Huel calculator App on Apple do you mean that one?


No @Sarah_Fallon There is a full app @Tristan has found it.

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Ahhh I see, can’t find that one

I don’t think Apple let you play with Betas @Sarah_Fallon it’s one of the pluses of Android, you can do more with it.

However given you can’t login to the app, you’re not missing much :slight_smile:

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Ohh I see, thank you

Hey guys, this is a bizarre one. We have been working with an agency on an app but it no longer looks like the one downloadable. Clearly someone their end accidentally put it live instead of into a hidden test mode. We’ve gone in and removed the app now. This certainly is not representative of any app we want to release. Really sorry team for the excitement > confusion > disappointment as well as how amateur this looks from us. Rest assured putting it live was nothing to do with us.


It is great to know there will be an official app one day and fingers crossed for an iOS version :wink:

Ah shame. I would be really nice to have a mobile app.

Shhhh I don’t think anyone saw quick delete the thread and we’ll all wait for the big announcement in a year or three (source: have worked in tech and know how long it takes!)