Any negative effects to drinking warm?

Just wanted to double check that drinking Huel hot/warm won’t negatively impact the product.

I have been basically making it up as 400ml hot water from the kettle and my 3 scoops. (Much prefer the original to the new vanilla). Then shaking and cooling down to a nice drinking temp with the extra 200ml cold water.

Is this ok? I’m only a few days in and loving it so far. I’m doing morning and evening Huel with a nice big healthy lunch at work.

Are you shaking it in the standard Huel shaker with boiling water? Please be careful as this builds a surprising amount of pressure inside the shaker and could very easily lead to a hot sludge eruption :volcano: I’m amazed you haven’t encountered it yet, I shaked it very carefully and still popped the lid.

Can I ask why you’re making it with hot water then cooling it down?

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It did the first time. Got a lovely scolded hand. Lol.

I just find making it with 400ml hot then adding the extra 200ml cold gives me a temp I can drink straight away. No other reason.

I am just hoping that making it up warm won’t have an adverse effect on the Huel.

Well I’m not an expert on nutrition unfortunately so I’ll wait for someone else to answer your question properly. My guess from what I’ve read on here before is that you are likely to lose some of the nutritional benefit but, on the whole, boiled Huel is still more nutritionally complete than most “normal” diets.

As for optimal drinking temp, do you find Huel made with cold water to be too cold?? A lot of people refrigerate or serve with ice! Each to their own I suppose!

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It’s not so much that I dislike it cold. If it’s markedly better cold I will happily drink it that way.

I just find it more satisfying warm. Feels more like a porridge so I think subconsciously it’s more like a meal.

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I have been experimenting with 200 ml cold water, 2 scoops… a good shake, adding my mug of coffee, another shake, then topping up with hot water from the kettle and another shake. It thickens the Huel up and it’s satisfyingly warm to drink on a cold morning. Filling too. I reckon you could do it with 300 ml cold to 3 scoops. I definitely wouldn’t start with boiling water! I don’t think that level of temperature would degrade the nutrients.


To preserve the nutrients I would mix it with the cold water first, then add the hot… ie the other way round.


Just tried it the other way round as reccommeded by @ChristinaT. Worked a treat but had to do half the cold water mix, then half the hot. Thanks for the advice.


I too love it warm / tepid. Like you I just want to know if it effects Huels ‘performance’???

not so much

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Thank you so much for putting my mind to rest! Last Monday started my first week ever of Huel only meals. Was delighted with a 7lb loss!! Had a maintain today, so just wanted to check that warming it wasn’t making it less effective!

Hi Scott,

Sometimes I mix the powder and almond milk (you can use any alternative) in the shaker, then pour into a bowl and heat in the microwave. I was surprised at how nice it tastes when warmed like this. A different texture to porridge oats, but still very nice, especially if you add some fruit, nuts, or seeds on top as well. The key, alot like preparing normally, is to not dilute too much, otherwise, it won’t be thick enough after heating up.

The problem is that one can never know whether vitamins and minerals are degraded, even if one adds cold water first.

To be safe I take supplements anyway - maybe this is the only way to be really safe in that regard.