Any plans for gluten free Mac n Cheeze?

I’m guessing gluten is integral to the sauce, but maybe its possible?

Would be nice to cut out gluten from my diet, just in case…

It’s been answered a few times. There isn’t a gluten free pasta that works at the moment. I think if it was a good option they would…as would increase the customer base.

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It’s not about the sauce really. I’ve answered it here!

I’m getting a 404 on this link, is anyone else?

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I’m getting a page not found as well.
Shouldn’t the

exorbitantly expensive.

be just reflected to the end customer? :stuck_out_tongue:

You would like us to raise the price of Hot & Savoury Pasta so we can make them all Gluten-free?! :exploding_head:


No, I’d like to do a specific gluten-free version, which would cost more. So who’s interested in that, could buy that version.

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I’m used to paying more for gluten free so if it was an option… Depending on how much more it could cost I’d be up for that. @Tim_Huel


Thanks. That’s a shame.

Here’s the fixed link

It’s an interesting suggestion. I’m not sure how keen the team would be to add another range to our site. But I don’t know how much more expensive the GF pastas that were close to working cost. Something to discuss for sure :slight_smile:

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I mean, you’re doing it already with the V3 Powder, why not on other products as well if the default is not gluten-free? :slight_smile:

Well, all the other hot ones are GF so it’s not like we don’t have options.


Yes, as is the BE version of the powder, that didn’t stop them from creating the gluten-free option for the V3 as well (and the price is higher!)

Great point. I forgot about that

Very true. I just love pasta! I do have alternative Bolognese options (obviously making it from scratch) or there are vegan tinned Bolognese sauces in the supermarket. I just love Huel and would happily pay for more of their products :slight_smile:

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