Any Plans for India?


I recently ordered Huel in India, but to my shock the custom duties were like ~30%. While I liked the product, and it seems to be almost finished now, but unfortunately due to added duties I’d to cancel the future subscription. I’m wondering if there are any plans to launch it in India, or available it through some local distributor or something.


Hi, I ordered the Black edition around a month ago. My order is still stuck in customs which has asked me to get a license to import the product, even though it is only for my own personal consumption. did you face any issues like this?

Its been a year and still it is not launched in India. I paid about 200 pounds in shipping alone.

Hi Ritik. I have already replied on your thread but wanted you to get the message asap. Can you please please give your whatsapp/instagram number or id? I need to talk to you since I’m in the same situation.