Any tips for Gdańsk?

I’m going to Gdańsk this weekend, any recommendations from our Polish friends? It will be my first time in Poland so even if you don’t know Gdańsk well, I would appreciate Polish food/drink recommendations :blush:

I really would like to recommend something, but I barely know Gdańsk.
As for food, though… well, almost in every discussion about Huel in Polish, for example below Facebook ad, there are sceptics who think that schabowy is the perfect meal and try to compare Huel with it :smiley:
So if you’re not vegan, that’s definitely an example of a very Polish meal. :smiley:


Drink hazelnut vodka


Schabowy, vodka and you are good to go :slightly_smiling_face:
You could also try pierogi, gołąbki, bigos, żurek in bread…

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My hometown :heart_eyes:

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Such a pity there are no recommendations needed, I was going to travel as well and I had to cancel it all :frowning: