Instead of water

I’m the one who admitted making alcoholic Huel, so I thought I’d be the one to start this thread.

Never mind complex recipes, what do you find works instead of simple water to mix Huel into?

So far I’ve tried (with unflavoured Huel and a blender):

Tesco Cloudy Lemonade - with and without vodka. Very good choice, if you like cloudy lemonade then this … tastes like a more bitty than normal cloudy lemonade. Does the vodka improve it? I’m going to say no. If I was to try alcoholic Huel again I’d probably try cider. It doesn’t lessen the experience of the Huel, but I think it does make the vodka less relaxing. Sip a drink after dinner instead.

Sainsburys Cherry Juice. I was actually going to use Sainsburys cloudy lemonade because I figured it would be the same, but my local store doesn’t stock it. That said, I do like cherry and this is a very good option.

Next I’ll probably try apple juice. I’ve got a few cartons in store and expect to move relatively soon so it’s good to get the supplies depleted.

Any ideas or experiences to share?

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boring but regular milk works well

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Now I really want to try cherry brandy, but I only ever see that in local shops before Xmas :-/ If anyone has/does try this please do post here. I’d be inclined to make a thick mix & partially freeze to give a sorbet like consistency.

i tend to use 250ml fruit juice topped up with water to keep the sugar reasonable (diabetes). Cawston’s apple and ginger works well, as do many of the exotic mixtures such as pineapple, lime and coconut or mango and passion fruit. I’ve used soya milk probiotic drinks (two bottles + water to one 125g meal) to good effect.

I keep a range of frozen fruit in stock, and prefer that thawed to fridge temperature rather than thawed through smashing. My mobility is limited so groceries come via internet, making fresh fruit an every other week thing, but to be honest between juice and frozen fruit, it tends to be just grapes.

I no longer drink alcohol, but I can imagine a nice dry chardonnay working well…

I just use unsweetened almond milk. I tried soy but it makes it to thick and it’s proper gaggy. Lol

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Incidentally, Sainsburys online offers cherry brandy for home delivery.

I’d be interested in how it works out.

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Good Hemp, unsweetened is lovely.