How come people don’t mix fruit juice with Huel?

I’ve been reading quite a few recipes and nobody seems to mix in fruit juice, which seems to me like it would be one of the easier options. Is it because of the potential sugar content? Cost of fresh juice maybe? :thinking:

I have tried mixing Original Vanilla with orange juice, and also watermelon water. Both were horrible. Cocconut water and also birch water were both nice.

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Strange I wouldn’t have expected that to taste bad!

So you haven’t actually tried it then? Nor have I…and I never plan to. Like Darren I have tried coconut water which was nice, but I don’t use it often. Fruit juice is high in sugar too as you suggested.

I use these teabags , leave them in 500ml of water overnight in the fridge then mix my huel with them.



This might be one of the craziest yet coolest ideas I’ve ever heard for flavouring Huel. Will try this tomorrow and report back!

I too use cold brewed tea like described above. Chai is especially nice (powdered chai latte works well too), as is peppermint. I also like cold brewed regular tea and decaff tea in my Huel.

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I tried Huel with orange juice, it wasn’t entirely horrible… but I won’t be doing it again. I have had some success with tea - currently working my way through some of the varieties at the back of the cupboard, it’s nice to actually use them up and get experimental.