Any tips for weightloss?

1st time user. What tips could you or anyone give me to maximize my weightloss?

It depends on your current lifestyle. Do you already eat fairly healthily and exercise?

The only thing you need to do is figure out how many calories you need every day. You can use calories calculator to figure that magic number out. Armed with the number, you are ready to find a quick solution that doesn’t involve keeping running tabs of choices you made for breakfast, lunch and dinner. With Huel, you know exactly how much to eat.

I decided on a 5:2 diet, it is a diet which stipulate calories restrictions for two non-consecutive days a week and unconstrained eating the other five days.

Specifically, my diet so far has been 5 days eating 1,400-calories in which 1,230 are from Huel (3 meals of 100 grams per meal), and the additional calories from coffee. The other 2 days include 410 calories from Huel. Originally I planned on eating 5 times a day but I have found that Huel keeps me full so I opted for just 3 meals a day instead.

So far I have lost 6 kilograms (around 13 pounds).

Fairly healthy. I have no problem eating my vegetables, but there’s room
for improvement. I could stand to lose at least 20 pounds. I am on the
journey to best me health wise.

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Lots of tips here in our useful guide -

My wife and I have been using Huel as part of a diet based on the Newcastle University study for reversing Type 2 Diabates. This is a 600-800 calorie a day diet designed to mimic the affects of having bariatric surgery. So far the results have been amazing; I’ve stopped needing to inject insulin and have lost, on average, 2kg per week.

Before you start bashing me for this being an unhealthy approach, I’m certainly not recommending it for everyone; its extreme and it’s been very mentally challenging. However, it’s really helped me to lose a lot of weight (and I had a lot to lose - starting BMI 45+) so Huel really helps with keeping nutrition levels up while keeping calories down. We plan to slowly increase calories as we near “Overweight” BMI and then find out how many calories a day we actually need as we near “Ideal” BMI range so we can level out and get used to eating normal amounts of food again. Of course “normal” will have changed drastically after losing around 60kg! My basal metabolic rate will have dropped through the floor. I’m sure, though, that Huel will continue to be a part of the long-term plan.